Video: East Coast Swing (ECS) – Grundschritt tanzen lernen

Swing allgemein ist eine Familie von Tänzen. Gerade wird er auch in Kiel an zwei Veranstaltungsorten angeboten und ein Workshop hat ebenso unter diesem Titel stattgefunden. Für Turnier-Tänzer interessant: Der ECW hat sehr stark den beieinflußt (siehe dazu den Textauszug aus Wikipedia unten). Hier ein Youtube- zum East-Cost-Swing (ECW) zum lernen des Grundschrittes.

Youtube-Video: East Coast Swing – Basic Step

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East Cost Swing (ECW) Geschichte – History

[von: Wikipedia „East Cost Swing“, Stand 29.10.2011]

The dance evolved from the Lindy Hop with the work of the Arthur Murray dance studios in the 1940s.[2] East Coast Swing can be referred to by many different names in different regions of the United States and the World. It has alternatively been called Eastern Swing, Jitterbug, American Swing, East Coast Lindy, Lindy (not to be confused with Lindy Hop), and Triple Swing.

This form of swing dance is strictly based in six-count patterns that are simplified forms of the original patterns copied from Lindy Hop. The name East Coast Swing was coined initially to distinguish the dance from the street form and the new variant used in the competitive ballroom arena (as well as separating the dance from West Coast Swing, which was developed in California). (…) East Coast Swing is a standardized form of dance developed first for instructional purposes in the Arthur Murray studios, and then later codified to allow for a medium of comparison for competitive ballroom dancers. It can be said that there is no right or wrong way to dance it; however, certain styles of the dance are considered correct „form“ within the technical elements documented and governed by the National Dance Council of America. The N.D.C.A. oversees all the standards of American Style Ballroom and Latin dances. Lindy Hop was never standardized and later became the inspiration for several other dance forms such as: (European) Boogie Woogie, Jive, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing and Rock and Roll.



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